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Designing Places of Learning for the Next Generation

Higher education is continually evolving and growing. At Lewis Architects Engineers, we believe it is important to create innovative learning environments to nurture students in pursuit of educational excellence and allow for future development. Your university is more than a school – it is a home – a workplace – a community. We are dedicated to creating engaging academic spaces that support and inspire everyone on campus.

Terrace Apartments - Ouachita Baptist University

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Our Approach

At Lewis Architects Engineers, we have the expertise and experience to help you create academic environments that draw in new students and faculty and retain existing ones. Whether you are planning a new research facility or you need to renovate a current building, we are here to help. When creating a plan for higher education architecture, we focus on a couple of things:

Accommodating New Technologies

Technology is a constant changing element for higher educational institutions. It is important to create campuses that can accommodate these continually occurring changed. Staying current on technological advancements will allow your institution to stay relevant and competitive in the academic sector. We thoroughly plan and develop spaces with the future in mind to keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

Creating Thoughtful Campuses

Your campus is your ultimate recruitment tool and should communicate the vision and mission of your institution. We want to partner with you to create spaces that encourage learning, community, diversity, and collaboration. From student centers, dormitories, to classroom buildings, we are dedicated to helping you create a vibrant campus life.

In every project, we are dedicated to creating attentive, thoughtful, and aesthetically beautiful spaces. We work closely with clients to realize their vision, carefully listening to every detail of how they operate and to develop comprehensive solutions for their projects. From master planning to construction observation, we will not stop until the design is complete, down to the smallest details.

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