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Captivating Young Minds

Education is always evolving and growing and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing schools. Every project is different and comes with unique challenges and needs. Our goal is to help our clients create an atmosphere that inspires growth, innovation, and community. A place where students are free to explore and learn.

Our Approach

Lewis Architects Engineers has the experience and the expertise to achieve your goals and build K-12 schools that impact the lives of students, educators, and staff and serve the community. We accomplish this by focusing on creating schools that are:


School safety is at the forefront of every parent and educators mind. A safe school is one in which children are free to learn and engage in all programs in a secure environment. We work with our clients to implement the highest level of safety standards without sacrificing functionality, style, or design.


New advancements are made in technology continually, fostering a need for a design that can be easily adapted. Our designs are always focused on adaptability so they can change with your project instead of obstructing it.


We know schools run on a tight budget. We keep long-term efficiency and cost in mind when planning and building. This includes working with you in the beginning to establish a budget that meets the needs of your school and the regulations of the state.

In every project, we are dedicated to creating attentive, thoughtful, and aesthetically beautiful spaces. We work closely with clients to realize their vision, carefully listening to every detail of how they operate and to develop comprehensive solutions for their projects. We will not stop until the design is complete, down to the smallest details.

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