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More Than Just Four Walls

Designing and building places of worship is one of the most inspiring and humbling experiences we encounter in our industry. A church is larger than the four walls that make up a building. Our belief is architecture can have a profound impact on how a congregation experiences worship. From a traditional chapel to modern structures, our team has the experience to meet your organization’s unique cultural needs to create a place for your congregation to worship.

Our Approach

Each church has different goals and needs regarding their place of worship. Some want plenty of natural light with ornate stained glass windows. While others prefer a sanctuary with minimal to little outside light. Religious architecture is as varied and diverse as the people who inhabit it. 

From renovations to master planning, we have the experience to bring your unique vision to life. We do this through:

Community-Focused Design

Regardless of preference, almost every church has a common goal: to worship God and build community. Our team will create a complete and thorough design tailored to your vision of what community looks like in your place of worship. We will help you plan classrooms, worship halls, sanctuaries, offices, and everything in-between to serve your congregation.

Mindful Budgets

We know you want to be good stewards of the money entrusted to you, especially regarding your place of worship. At Lewis Architects, we are dedicated to working with you to stay on or under budget so you and your congregation can have peace of mind knowing your resources are used thoughtfully.

In every project, we are dedicated to creating attentive, thoughtful, and aesthetically beautiful spaces. We work closely with clients to realize their vision, carefully listening to every detail of how they operate and to develop comprehensive solutions for their projects. From master planning to construction observation, we will not stop until the design is complete, down to the smallest details.

Take the Next Step

You want your place of worship to be beautiful and honoring in its design, budget, and purpose. We want to help. Contact us today to get started!